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  1. Составить предложения и вопросы к ним.

А) He had finished the work yesterday by 6.

- When had he finished the work?

- Had he finished the work?

- What time had he finished the work?

Б) I have written a letter this morning.

- Have you written a letter?

- When have you written a letter?

- What time have you written a letter?

В) I have known him all my life.

- Have you known him?

- How long have you known him?

- Who have you known?

Г) She has never been to London.

- Has she ever been to London?

- Where has she never been?

- Who has never been to London?

  1. Вставить в текст пропущенные глаголы.

The London police were looking for a criminal who robed a bank. One day they caught him and took him to prison. But while they took photographs of him from the front, from the right, with a hat, without a hat – he suddenly attacked one of the policemen and ran away.

Then a week later the telephone rang in the police station and somebody said:

“You looked for Ben Jackson, aren’t you?” – “Yes.” – “Well, he was at Victoria Station an hour ago. He left, probably London by now.”

The city police immediately sent four different photos of the robber to the railway police. All the trains searched.

Less than two hours later they got a telephone call from a small town not far from London. “We caught three of the men,” they said happily, ”and we hope to catch the fourth very soon.”